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Children's Clinic

Cranial osteopathy is an extremely gentle form of treatment ideal for babies and children. Babies often relax whilst receiving treatment and sometimes even go to sleep.


We find some babies hold tension in their heads, necks, and diaphragms from birth stresses or the position they settled into in their mother's womb. Bruising may occasionally occur from the use of forceps or ventouse. In fact, birth can be one of the most stressful events of our lives.


Compression is however,  a normal part of the birth process and the soft bones of a baby's skull are designed to overlap during birth. The natural instincts of babies to suckle, yawn and cry helps their body start to release birth tension and function outside the womb. For some babies, however, the stresses of birth are not completely undone and tension can remain causing discomfort or an inability to settle.


Baby clinic prices:

Initial consultation (1 hour)                     : £45

Additional treatments (35-40 minutes) : £38


We also treat pregnant and post-partum mothers to decrease postural stresses from the many ways a mother's body has to adapt through postural and hormonal change, childbirth, breastfeeding and generally carrying and caring for infants.


If you have any questions about whether osteopathy is suitable for you or your baby please call and have a chat with our osteopaths.





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