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I first saw Olivia after an injury to my back left me sore and stiff. Olivia’s treatment was immediate and effective. I’ve also been seeing Olivia for several osteopathic sessions due to a very difficult period in my life that had taken its toll both physically and emotionally. Olivia’s treatment and supportive care has not only helped me to recover my health but also improve it. I recommend her very highly indeed.’

Deborah.  Physical Movement Teacher 

I’ve tried several different osteopaths over the years for my lower back problems. I can assure you that Olivia has helped me the most. She was quickly able to find and diagnose the issue I have and helped me rectify it while also giving me some exercises to help me strengthen the right muscles. Olivia’s therapy has worked wonders. I highly recommend her.’

Xavier.  Photographer

‘Having spent too many years sitting at a desk hunched over a computer or crammed uncomfortably onto commuter trains, my enjoyment of retirement was in danger of being severely curtailed by pain centred around the achilles tendons and lower back. Olivia was able to see immediately that muscles/ ligaments/ tendons had all tightened. She was confident she could help me and explained clearly how this could be done as long as I was committed to do some work at home in between appointments.

Improvements were noticeable in the first weeks which encouraged me to persevere. Equally importantly, I felt that I understood the purpose of each stretch I was being taught and how it should feel. Olivia listens very carefully to patient feedback and can adapt and adjust treatment as the body changes. I had complete confidence in Olivia’s guidance from the outset and am now able to enjoy the long and pain-free walks and heavy gardening that I had imagined as part of a ‘proper’ retirement.’

John.  Retiree.

‘I have been getting regular treatments from osteopaths on-and-off for 12 years, because I use the computer a lot and have not been doing any yoga or pilates. When I was treated by previous osteopaths I used to see them once a week for a few weeks in a row to get rid of my symptoms, but with Olivia I only have to see her once and then my symptoms go away for several weeks/months before I have to come back. I would definitely recommend her.’

Leo. Desk-based worker.

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